Touchscreen demos and the theater featuring an AVA simulator turned the DURA exhibit into a major destination.

“Large backlit graphics and unique lighting design attracted visitors from across the floor.”


DURA Automotive System’s exhibit was an invitation to the industry to witness a new breed of intuitive human machine interface (HMI) infotainment and automated driving solutions designed to extend the limits of autonomous mobility experience. Why HMI? Because HMI allows drivers to “interface” with the system—the automotive system, in this case—they oversee. HMI’s graphical screens can be programmed to display important status and control information to the operator. Pictures, icons, sounds, and colors can all be used by HMIs to visually represent different operating conditions. And many HMIs deploy touch screen technology for user interaction with elements displayed on the screen.

Now that the question, ‘What is an HMI?’ has been answered, let’s talk about DURA at CES ASIA.


DURA Automotive System’s island space was 6m x 15m or an approximately 20ft x 50ft island. DURA’s goal at CES ASIA was to bring to life its AVA™ Unity concept, the definitive integrated shared infotainment platform for autonomous vehicle travel. DURA wanted to implant its motto “Driving Evolution” in the minds of the attendees. Some of the features include rear-seat arcade gaming and vehicle command remote, automated driving platform, and active safety and advance mobility technology. ​

The system is embedded with OverDryve™ and connected car technology from Rand McNally. In addition to navigation, OverDryve offers hands-free calling and texting; voice assistance; music, news, weather, traffic’ and dashcam compatibility. You can visualize the journey with augmented reality and high definition 3D mapping. The system is designed to be developer friendly with open architecture.

AVA Unity creates an expansive multimedia canvas for passengers to enjoy 600 square inches of high definition media or choose the semi-transparent glass mode to view the road ahead with augmented reality. It delivers an impressive 48” wide touch screen allowing multiple users to interact in “Unity” or harmony. The ultra-bright, anti-reflective surface will respond to your every command. Swipe, scroll, and tap—share your favorite media, multitask work or play with drag and drop capability across screen zones.

DURA Automotive Services Exhibit at CES ASIA by Idea International, Inc. - #46To bring this idea to life, Idea International created zones for DURA to display various applications of the AVA Unity concept, namely:

    DURA unveiled the latest in arcade gaming controls for rear-seat entertainment. MARSTech™ brings the excitement of arcade gaming to both to the vehicle as well as to the home. The system leverages patented image processing and low power laser technology, allowing 4-players to simultaneously compete or team up for exhilarating co-op gaming. That same precision technology is integrated into the HMI remote controller for LEVEL 3-4 automated vehicles, creating a user-centered design solution that allows passengers to control various content, such as windows and HVAC with the same interface. The expertly designed MARSTech™ unit and peripherals allow for a high degree of accuracy and a uniquely immersive user experience.
    DURA’s AVA™ boasts the ultimate in advanced processing, high security, and safety. The scalable L1-L4 ADAS platform incorporates a unique centralized control module, complete with software, vision, communication and range-based sensors. AVA’s control system integrates with other vehicle electronic control units such as brakes, steering, and powertrain, to safely and securely provide automated control of vehicle functions. DURA proprietary deep learning neural-network perception technology helps to identify and mitigate threats with speed and accuracy.
    AVA™ 360° Surround View keeps safety in focus with advanced image processing and real-time video monitoring of pedestrians and moving objects. Drivers never lose sight of hazards with a birds-eye display of real-time image video and elimination of blind spots. Designed for automotive, commercial truck and mass transit applications, the system leverages advanced algorithms and AVA’s high-performance camera sensor suite. Experience AVA™ 360° Surround View with a trip on the revolutionary Proterra electric bus.
    DURA’s latest line-up of actuators and power-packs deliver torque, accuracy and total driving performance for current and next-generation vehicle powertrains. Engineered to deliver tailored driving experiences, DURA mechatronic systems leverage in-house design and manufacture of advanced lightweight housings, software, gear trains, and embedded electronics. DURA mechatronic actuation systems support driver assist through autonomous Solutions on display include park lock actuation for EV’s, shift-by-wire, and advanced powerpack concepts

Idea International showed visitors to DURA Automotive Systems at CES ASIA how AVA allowed them to choose music, destinations, games, and media, based on a personal profile. Alternatively, AVA presented a mix of choices to satisfy multiple users. AVA Unity algorithms displayed the perfect blend of music, destinations, and media which synchronize securely with wireless mobile devices. There are limitless opportunities for app development because of the open system architecture, and the multi-core processing engine provides fertile ground for the evolution of in-vehicle infotainment, driven by imagination.

Exhibitor at a Glance

DURA Automotive Systems

DURA Automotive Systems (, based in the greater Detroit, Michigan area, is committed to playing a significant role in the evolution of mobility. As vehicles transform to lightweight and electric architectures, the focus on disruptive technologies will enable superior performance and value creation. DURA is recognized by leading vehicle manufacturers as the preferred supplier partner for innovative, highly-integrated, mechatronic systems and lightweight solutions.


CES ASIA | Shanghai, China

CES Asia is owned and produced by the International CES (Shanghai) Exhibition Co. Ltd., a wholly foreign-owned enterprise by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), and is co-produced by the Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co., Ltd (Shanghai Intex), a leading producer of international tradeshows in China.

With 500 exhibiting companies, 40,000+ total attendance, 42,000+ gross square meters of exhibiting space, and trading off the reputation of its US counterpart, CES Asia was the only Asian trade show recognized as the Best Gold 100 Show Extension Overseas by Trade Show Executive’s Gold 100 Awards & Summit. Trade Show Executive’s Gold 100 Awards & Summit honors the 100 largest trade shows that have set the gold standard for the trade show industry.

CES ASIA attracts consumer technology industry executives from China and across Asia who recognize that CES ASIA serves as the place for brands to position themselves to new and existing audiences.


Dura Automotive showcased an infotainment platform for AVs, a scalable ADAS platform and a rear seat entertainment system. The double deck and clear graphics, as well as the clearly defined spaces for introducing attendees to DURA’s AVI Unity offerings drew crowds, as did the presentations explaining the technology and making the applications accessible to non-engineers attending CES ASIA 2018.

Touchscreen demos and the theater featuring an AVA simulator turned the DURA exhibit into a major destination. Large backlit graphics and unique lighting design attracted visitors from across the floor.

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