When your brand needs representation in the APAC market, there are many ways Idea International can help. We have set the gold standard for the meeting industry and trade fair exhibition services in the APAC region. But Idea’s expertise extends beyond meetings and trade fair exhibitions.  Face-to-face encounters throughout the most populous region in the world–whether in retail installations, mobile event marketing, corporate environments, museums, permanent installations and customer experience centers, or event management and productions–have special significance in the APAC region In-person meetings drive both business and professional relationships.

As different opportunities for encounters gain prominence in the region, Idea International is at the forefront of providing excellence in designing, shopfitting, and space-planning for your built environments. Businesses around the world gravitate toward the dynamism and the exciting prospects the APAC region offers. After more than fifteen years of providing the optimum environment for people to engage in meaningful dialog, Idea International is synonymous with best practices across the region—from Sydney to Shanghai, Melbourne to Mumbai, and Tokyo to Tianjin.

Businesses depend on Idea International to provide excellent services in a region where there is much inconsistency. That is why savvy companies in manufacturing, pharmaceutical research, consumer goods, and food products depend on Idea International to be their global partner. Beyond market-specific insight and industry-specific knowledge, such as the regulatory environment for healthcare, Idea International provides insight and guidance on matters of local regulations and restrictions for building and creating optimal occasions of in-person encounters. When US-based employees are the stewards of the brand and want to ensure brand consistency, we can work virtually with the US while collaborating with the company’s office in Asia to handle tactical elements and services. We can bridge the geographical barriers with a combination of virtual and on-site meeting. With our vast experience, Idea International has encyclopedia knowledge that is lacking in companies working outside the APAC region and or in those not familiar with the culture and practices in individual countries or cities. For this reason, Idea International is the perfect choice for creating a unique built environment that meets your goals and accomplishes your objectives.

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There are many other areas where Idea International’s specific knowledge of trade fair exhibition services in the APAC region makes them the partner of choice for companies that demand excellence in their global event partner. We have all the resources, long-standing relationships with venues, and the expertise to execute flawlessly. From KOL dinners for medical clients to product launches, we’ve done it all. For special events and curated VIP events in Japan, we can provide proper seating arrangements—so important in Japan—and event amenities. Our understanding of the region translates into a cost-effective solution as well as outstanding design services among the other similar companies in the APAC region.

The APAC region and especially Japan, leads the world in retail installations. In addition to exhibitions and events, our retail installation experience makes us your perfect partner when you are thinking about shop fittings, safety standards, the best use of space, pop-up stores, and total project management.

Idea International understands people respond more positively to environments and images than to words: three-dimensional, immersive environments with sensory appeal. Because of this, you want to trust your corporate environments to Idea International. As a company, we know how to make a short-term impact with exhibitions, but we also know how to make a more lasting or even permanent impression when we do a build-out of your corporate environment. We work with you to understand your brand, and through that process of understanding, we help you connect with the all-important markets in the APAC region.

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When you can’t display your products to attendees at a trade show, you can take your products to your customers using mobile event marketing. Your target market wants to see and touch your products. They want to see how they work. These experiential marketing tours are gaining in importance and popularity in the APAC region. There are many economies to be realized by literally ‘taking the show on the road.’ Mobile event marketing can work independently or in tandem with trade shows. The answer to reaching your market isn’t an either/or situation.

We understand the entire range of exhibition marketing. As companies seek to establish a presence in the APAC region, brand identity is mandatory. The internet has created a global village where brand consistency matters more than ever. Idea International works with exhibitors to create unique experiential three-dimensional environments for brands. As global exhibiting becomes the norm and attracts global audiences, trade fairs are the best investment companies can make in opening new markets.

Finally, at Idea International, we recognize that the prospect of entering and expanding markets in the APAC region can be daunting. Companies throughout the Americas and Europe are hesitant to commit resources to our part of the world simply because it is unfamiliar. We like to say we offer “peace of mind, half a world away.”  You can trust your project and your brand to us while you take some time to get to know our part of the world. Your familiarity with the countries and cities in our region will make you a savvier marketer and make you want to come back.

Contacting Idea International is the first step to help you realize your goals.

“Chris and his company, Idea International, have been a long time and valued partner of Group Delphi. We have full confidence Idea will always provide us with excellent service and a great finished product. Idea becomes an extension of our company when we work together.”-
“Thank you and your team for taking such good care of us. The booth looked great, and the professional presence that you created was a key factor in our success at this conference. It was a pleasure to work with the Idea team and I’ll keep in touch with you regarding upcoming exhibiting opportunities for us in Asia.”-
“Chris and team are fantastic. I have used their services for years and have not once been let down. Their team is articulate, professional, provides EXCELLENT work, are personable with my clients and I will return to IDEA for all future show needs in their region. I highly recommend IDEA.”-

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At Idea International, many of our clients have worked with us for years because we help make their APAC region trade show programs successful. Read What They have to Say Here.

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Idea International is the first EDPA member company outside the US to receive EDPA’s RFP Certification
Idea International is a member of the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services
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Idea International, Inc. is a member of the Nippon Display Federation
Idea International is a member of the Japan Exhibition Association

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