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Idea International has set the gold standard for the meeting industry and trade fair exhibitions in the APAC Region. After more than fifteen years of helping exhibitors succeed in the APAC region, Idea International is synonymous with best practices in global exhibiting across the region—from Sydney to Shanghai, from Melbourne to Mumbai, and from Tokyo to Tianjin.

Throughout the most populous region in the world, the meeting industry and international trade fairs are growing at a rate that outpaces their growth in other parts of the world. Population explains only part of this growth. Government support for the meetings industry and for trade fair exhibition services in the APAC region is substantial—and robust. As different vertical industries gain prominence in the region, the overall attendee base gathers strength in numbers and buying power. At the same time, professionals from around the world find the opportunity for business meetings in countries and cities in the region an exciting prospect. Manufacturing, pharmaceutical research, consumer goods and food products—all these industries are discovering that meetings and events in the APAC region attract an enthusiastic and qualified attendee base, which means a good investment for exhibitors.

But exhibitors find that trade fair exhibition services throughout the APAC region are not consistent—and that is why savvy exhibitors depend on Idea International to be their global event partner. Beyond industry-specific knowledge, such as the regulatory environment for healthcare exhibiting in various countries, there are other considerations. There is a body of knowledge that those working not only outside the APAC region but also those not familiar with individual countries or cities lack—and for this reason, Idea International is the perfect choice for successful exhibiting.

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What are some of these areas?

Labor: The labor situation varies not only from country to country, not only from city to city, but also from venue to venue. Within countries, there are categories of laborers. There are some countries where labor practices resemble those in place by unions in the U.S., and there are some countries that restrict foreign workers from the show floor or make using foreign workers prohibitively expensive. Idea International understands the nuances of these labor environments.

Materials: For example, in the U.S. exhibitors are used to seeing laminates used for walls. But in Japan, because space is limited in the country itself, exhibit walls are covered with wall paper. Some countries use paint. Idea International offers exhibitors in Japan an extruded aluminum system found throughout Europe and North America, beMatrix® rental systems. Besides being much more environmentally responsible than the traditional build-and-burn exhibiting model, because beMatrix is used world-wide, it is possible for exhibitors to experience a more consistent appearance for their programs.

Rigging: Countries like Japan experience earthquakes on a frequent basis, so hanging structural elements from the ceiling is not always advisable—or permissible. On the other hand, inflatable structures are used in Japan to achieve the high identity exhibitors have come to expect. In general, rules are specific for each venue, and having a partner that knows and understands the peculiarities of the regional venues is very important.

There are many other areas where Idea International’s specific knowledge of trade fair exhibition services in the APAC region make them the partner of choice for companies who demand excellence in their global event partner. Our knowledge of the region translates into a cost-effective solution as well as outstanding design services among the other event management companies in the APAC region.

The APAC region and especially Japan leads the world in retail installationsIn addition to exhibitions and events, our experience in retail installation make us your perfect partner when you are thinking about shop fittings, safety standards, the best use of space, and total project management.

At Idea International, we also understand the entire concept of exhibition marketing. As companies seek to establish a foot hold in the APAC region, consistent brand identity is mandatory. The internet has created a global village where brand consistency matters more than ever. Idea International works with exhibitors to create three-dimensional, immersive environments for brand identity. As global exhibiting becomes more the norm and global audiences are expected to attend, trade fairs are the best investment companies can make in opening new markets.

Finally, at Idea International, we understand that the prospect of exhibiting in the APAC region can be daunting. Exhibitors and their partners throughout the Americas and Europe are hesitant to commit to meetings and exhibitions in our part of the world simply because it is unfamiliar. We like to say we offer “peace of mind, half a world away.”  You can trust your program and your brand to us while you take some time to get to know our part of the world. Your familiarity with the countries and cities in our region will not only make you a more savvy marketer but it will also make you want to come back.

Contacting Idea International is the first step to help you realize your goals.

“Chris and his company, Idea International, have been a long time and valued partner of Group Delphi. We have full confidence Idea will always provide us with excellent service and a great finished product. Idea becomes an extension of our company when we work together.”-
“Thank you and your team for taking such good care of us. The booth looked great, and the professional presence that you created was a key factor in our success at this conference. It was a pleasure to work with the Idea team and I’ll keep in touch with you regarding upcoming exhibiting opportunities for us in Asia.”-
“Chris and team are fantastic. I have used their services for years and have not once been let down. Their team is articulate, professional, provides EXCELLENT work, are personable with my clients and I will return to IDEA for all future show needs in their region. I highly recommend IDEA.”-

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