Mobile Event Marketing – Bring Your Products Directly to Your Markets

When you can’t display your products to attendees at a trade show, take your products to them. Mobile event marketing is acknowledging that your target market wants to see and touch your products. They want to see how they work. These experiential marketing tours are gaining in importance and popularity in the APAC region. Although trade shows in the Asia-Pacific region might be the first to come back, there are many economies to be realized by literally ‘taking the show on the road.’ Mobile event marketing can work independently or in tandem with trade shows. The answer to reaching your market isn’t an either/or situation.

Consider that often there are scheduling conflicts that can prevent your high-profile buyers from attending a given show. An experiential marketing tour solves that problem. On the other hand, many trade show exhibitors have brought their mobile event marketing properties onto the trade show floor. When you think about it, that’s a smart move. The products are already staged to attract customers and prospects.

Another feature of mobile event marketing that can’t be ignored is the fact that travel patterns are not consistent. Bringing the experience of your products directly to the customer is the best way to engage those people who, for one reason or another, are not attending your industry’s trade show. In those situations, the fact remains that before buying an expensive piece of equipment or stocking automotive parts for the aftermarket, buyers want to see what they’re getting.

When you incorporate a mobile experiential marketing tour into your plans, you will be able to take your customers away from day-to-day-distractions and give meaningful and customized presentations that address their needs, their concerns, and their questions.

If you’re considering an experiential marketing tour in the APAC region, you want to trust your program to a company that has not only experience with mobile marketing but also a company that knows the region. Remember, countries in the APAC region are contiguous, and every country has its own rules and restrictions, not to mention geographical features. Crossing the borders from one country to another is not the same as driving across state lines in the U.S.  There are permits and paperwork, and you don’t want to trust any of that to an inexperienced partner. You want to work with Idea International.

How can Idea International help Manage your Mobile Event Marketing Program?

To sum it up, we act as a general contractor for your mobile event marketing tour, bringing together all elements, experiential and logistical, to provide a memorable and successful tour, one that you will be able to track directly to revenue. Here are some, but not all, of the considerations that we handle.

Developing a mobile event marketing tour takes research and scheduling. We will contact and prepare the venues and locations, and alert you to any issues that could present problems. Our knowledge of both markets and geography will ensure that the tour comes off seamlessly.

Sourcing local partners who can help implement the program is essential. After sixteen years of working in the Asia Pacific region, we have developed a trusted partner network in countries in the area. Our interdependence with these companies means that we can be efficient and stick to a schedule.

Because we have worked with industries across the spectrum, from medical to engineering and from gaming to manufacturing, we can plan a program that will accomplish your goals and objectives. We will design the experiential layer that will make your tour memorable for your market.

Our trusted partner network also allows us to develop and engineer the tour so that you have no concerns as the tour progresses. We will source the vehicles you use, and because of our core business in experiential marketing, we will retrofit the vehicles to provide the ultimate customer experience. You will be able to welcome customers to a mobile showroom that is attractive and compelling, not unlike the trade show exhibits which we produce. As a matter of fact, many of our repeat customers use mobile event marketing as a means of extending the impact of their trade shows.

Our expertise in the event industry has also made us adept at budgeting that is both customer-friendly and holds no hidden surprises. We will review the budget with you before the mobile tour, and if there are areas where you feel you need to cut, we will value engineer the tour for you. For example, if your budget won’t allow you to schedule two meetings in areas that are relatively close together, we can find an alternative location and schedule corporate buyers on two different days. We would not want you to invite competitors to the mobile tour on the same day!

A multi-city (or country) tour requires logistical know-how, and that is something we have. We are familiar with freight regulations and border requirements throughout the APAC area. We will take care of the paperwork involved in the tour, which to those not used to it can appear to be overwhelming. When you partner with Idea International, you know that you are working with a company that has a history of problem-solving, whether those problems involve politics, people, or paperwork.

After so many years working with trade show exhibitors, we know that staffing with the right people is essential. We encourage you to assign your people to staff the mobile marketing unit when it visits their territories. We will brief them and give them a walk-through, so they are prepared to navigate the vehicle.

We know they can sell, but knowing what resources are at their disposal to help facilitate the sale is critical.  Will literature be available and on display? Will there be hospitality in the vehicle? Will there be interactive teaching tools for your staff to use? Will there be samples or giveaways? We will help your team adapt to the unique environment that we provide for your company. And if you need additional staff, we have resources to help you find the right people, no matter where the tour takes you.

And finally, we will help you collect the data you need for follow up and for proving the value of your investment in the tour. You might be thinking that this is a radical departure from the trade shows that you are accustomed to, but in reality, the basis for mobile event marketing is in the fabric of trade shows. The primary differences are that you are bringing your products directly to your market in an environment designed to be a much more personal experience.

Idea International has achieved world recognition for our work in providing outstanding visibility to companies from all corners of the globe. You can trust us with your mobile marketing tour and enjoy the results that come from a well-executed experiential marketing tour.

Peace of mind, half a world away ™

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