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As you review the Idea International portfolio, you will notice that each trade fair exhibition design project is unique and has a custom flair. To achieve this, we immerse ourselves in the brand, mission and culture of our clients – and their customers. We understand their goals and objectives and then design a strategy to help meet and exceed those targets. Moreover, no matter where in the APAC region our clients’ work brings us, we understand the venue, the culture, the opportunities and the limitations. As you look at our portfolio, imagine your project in the hands of Idea International!

One thing that you will notice as you look at our work is that many global healthcare companies trust their exhibition programs to Idea International. You will see that we build exhibits for companies such as Fenwal, Novartis, Medtronic and Caliper among others whose products and services we bring to the Asian markets. They have found that Idea International knows how to approach the important decision makers in the APAC region and how to make a lasting impression. Idea International creates memorability for your exhibition program by designing and building the appropriate environment to put the focus on your company and your brand, to build interest for exhibition visitors, and to allow for hospitality, formal and informal meetings, and face-to-face encounters, which are so important to honor the Asian culture and to build business.

Exhibitors find that trade fair exhibition services throughout the APAC region are not consistent—and that is why savvy exhibitors depend on Idea International to be their global exhibition partner. Beyond industry-specific knowledge, such as the regulatory environment for healthcare exhibiting in various countries, there are other considerations.

What are some of these areas?

Labor: The labor situation varies not only from country to country, not only from city to city, but also from venue to venue. Within countries, there are categories of laborers. There are some countries where labor practices resemble those in place by unions in the U.S., and there are some countries that restrict foreign workers from the show floor or make using foreign workers prohibitively expensive. Idea International understands the nuances of these labor environments.

Materials: For example, in the U.S. exhibitors are used to seeing laminates used for walls. But in Japan, because space is limited in the country itself, exhibit walls are covered with wall paper. Some countries use paint. Idea International offers exhibitors in Japan an extruded aluminum system found throughout Europe and North America, beMatrix® rental systems. Besides being much more environmentally responsible than the traditional build-and-burn exhibiting model, because beMatrix is used world-wide, it is possible for exhibitors to experience a more consistent appearance for their programs.

Rigging: Countries like Japan experience earthquakes on a frequent basis, so hanging structural elements from the ceiling is not always advisable—or permissible. On the other hand, inflatable structures are used in Japan to achieve the high identity exhibitors have come to expect. In general, rules are specific for each venue, and having a partner that knows and understands the peculiarities of the regional venues is very important.

There is a body of knowledge that those working not only outside the APAC region but also those not familiar with individual countries or cities lack—and for this reason, Idea International is the perfect choice for successful exhibiting.

Learn More with Our Exhibition & Event Case Studies – Doing business in an electronic age too often means that we rarely meet face to face with our colleagues and customers. Because Idea International understands and appreciates this situation, we make certain that the exhibit we provide is conducive to doing business, to networking, and to driving the importance of personal relationships.

“This booth is gorgeous! Thank you so much for all of your help! Idea International saved the day many times for us. Not sure what we would do without them!!!!! They’re golden to us! Thanks again for everything – next stop, SEMI China…”

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