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When a trade fair program encompasses the APAC region – Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand or Malaysia, for example – you want to be certain that your partner is a local source that understands the need for unparalleled service, quality production and cultural sensitivity. You want a company that understands and embraces North American brand requirements and the importance of delivering the message clearly, no matter the language. You want your partner to be Idea International.

Idea International is the first EDPA member company outside the US to receive EDPA’s RFP CertificationGlobalization is a fact of life for virtually every business, and no company can afford to ignore the important Asian markets. From Bangkok, Bali and Beijing to Taipei, Tokyo and Yokohama, Idea International brings the correct cultural perspective to your trade fair exhibition. We help you to connect with your market and to increase your market share around the globe.

Because face-to-face meetings are culturally critical in the APAC countries, Idea International’s mission is to build success on the pillars of quality, service and awareness. Managing Director Christopher Dorn founded Idea International after working for a number of years at major exhibition houses in the United States. His degree in design and technology from Bemidji State University in Minnesota gives him a designer’s eye that works in tandem with a marketer’s edge. Mr. Dorn understands the expectations of North American exhibitors – and more importantly how to meet and exceed those expectations.

These expectations include enhancing the face-to-face experience, creating an exhibition program that results in a favorable return on investment (ROI), and devising unique solutions to serve both the exhibition goals and objectives as well as the unique requirements of venues in the APAC region. A deep knowledge of the area, years of experience, and culturally relevant communications are only some of the reasons you should choose Idea International as your partner throughout Asia and your stand builder in Japan.

Idea International delivers innovative solutions that create a lasting impression on your audience. Once companies work with us, they return again and again because we understand trade fairs in an important region of the world. But in addition to innovative solutions, we also deliver peace of mind. Idea International – your preferred partner in the APAC region.

Chris Dorn, Managing Director of Idea International, Inc.Welcome to Idea International!

I’m Christopher Dorn, Managing Director of Idea International Inc. Since 2004, Idea International is setting the standard for exhibit and event excellence in the APAC region. We are committed to providing “peace of mind, half a world away” for our clients, no matter where their events and exhibitions take them.

Service, quality, and value drive everything we do. We are your partner, not simply a vendor. Maintaining consistency in your brand identity across continents and cultures is as important to Idea International as it is to you—and we work consultatively with you to ensure this consistency. We are dedicated to your success and to a strong return on your investment in face-to-face events as you explore the opportunities in new and existing markets throughout the APAC region.

Christopher Dorn, Managing Director – Idea International, Inc.

Peace of mind, half a world away ™

Idea International is the first EDPA member company outside the US to receive EDPA’s RFP Certification
Idea International is a member of the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services
Idea International is a member of the Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association
Idea International, Inc. is a member of the Nippon Display Federation
Idea International is a member of the Japan Exhibition Association

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