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In the twenty-first century, it would be naïve to suggest that corporate environment designs are all about aesthetics. Many elements pull at the positive attributes of your brand, things that are totally out of your control. Perceptions become reality for many people, and perceptions are usually formed by what they hear: words. Whether they are delivered by a human voice or a two dimensional message – a letter, a print ad, your web site, an email – words expose your brand to risk.

But the truth is that people respond more positively to environments and images than to words. Three dimensional, immersive environments with their sensory appeal can contain layers and layers of meaning and significance. And environments are one of the relatively few opportunities to showcase the corporate brand in a three dimensional representation.

Because of this very fact, you want to trust your corporate environments to Idea International. As a company, we know how to make a short term impact with exhibitions but we also know how to make a more lasting or even permanent impression when we do a build out of your corporate environment. We work with you to understand your brand and through that process of understanding, we help you connect with the all important markets in the APAC region.

Based in Japan, we can provide first-hand insights on how to design your corporate environment to deliver your message to the Asian market place. We can work with your designs or produce a design that is unique to your needs. We select materials that communicate your story, and we introduce technology that helps make your environment memorable. Our turnaround time will amaze you, and your environment will embody the cultural subtleties that will make an impact.

The corporate environment embodies your corporate brand, the personality of your company, the immediate immersion in your corporate culture. It is a physical encounter people have with your company. Environments ultimately need to be part of the corporate brand story, the first chapter, if you will. By strengthening your brand with a powerful first-impression environment, you will be strengthening your corporate mission and brand loyalty.


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Idea International is the first EDPA member company outside the US to receive EDPA’s RFP Certification
Idea International is a member of the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services
Idea International is a member of the Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association
Idea International, Inc. is a member of the Nippon Display Federation
Idea International is a member of the Japan Exhibition Association

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