The UPEMI participated in one of the largest international fairs in Japan as part of the information and education campaign “European beef on Asian markets.

“Idea International’s collaboration resulted in specific features which helped broaden European beef’s appeal to an Asian audience”


The Union of Producers and Employers of Meat Industry (UPEMI) participated in Supermarket Trade Show (SMTS), one of the largest international fairs in Japan targeted at supermarket chains and food retailers, as part of the information and education campaign “European beef on Asian markets.” Poland is one of the biggest beef exporters in Europe- More than 80% is exported, and among EU countries, it is the largest exporter of beef to Japan. (Over 9,300 tons to Japan in 2021). Polish beef is high quality, coming from traditional grazing methods on family-owned farms.

UPEMI Exhibit by Idea International, Inc. at Supermarket Trade Show - Chiba, Japan -#8The SMTS fair is an opportunity to absorb the latest information about the food distribution industry, focusing on supermarkets. Attendees can meet retail, wholesale, ready meals, and food service leaders. In addition, the fair brings unique prospects for establishing partnerships, expanding networks, and sharing industry trends.


During dozens of B2B meetings, the conversations center on the importance of developing the sales network and international contacts, as well as internal production standards and production practices commonly used in the European Union. Thanks to these meetings, the Polish delegation broadened their knowledge about the Japanese meat industry, beef imports, and consumption of red meat in Japan. In addition, visitors could taste various dishes prepared using European beef.

UPEMI Exhibit by Idea International, Inc. at Supermarket Trade Show - Chiba, Japan -#3The UPEMI came to us with a brief and a lot of input. In collaborating with them, we suggested ways they could broaden their appeal to an Asian audience, adding features like private conference rooms, which clients appreciate as it elevates their status. The organization wanted the exhibit to replicate a “high-end steak house.” After researching the upscale steak houses in Krakow and Warsaw, we selected materials and finishes that reflected this style, look, and feel. The client loved it! With their blessing, we took control of the project using a glass-fronted food service bar where displays and cooking demonstrations (and tastings) occurred throughout the event.

Exhibitor at a Glance

Union of Producers and Employers of the Meat Industry | Warsaw, Poland

The UPEMI is an organization associating meat branch companies, i.e., slaughterhouses, deboning and processing plants for pork, beef, and poultry meat. They support their members in finding new business contacts and contracts with meat importers. For over ten years, the UPEMI has been promoting Polish meat on third markets in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Republic of South Africa.


SMTS | Chiba, Japan

SMTS is an abbreviation for Supermarket Trade Show. It offers the food distribution industry the latest information, focusing on supermarkets. SMTS was held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.


Behind the main exhibit area was an informal meeting space for sharing information and tasty samples. The graphics throughout this area featured cows grazing outdoors (a selling point for Polish beef), photos of meat, and data.

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