Press events are critical to the success of global brands, particularly when a brand takes a foothold in Asia.

“Idea International helped move PUMA into the performance technology that defines 21st century athletes”


Press events are critical to the success of global brands, particularly when a brand takes a foothold in Asia. PUMA, the global sport and lifestyle brand, had much to share with the media at this press event orchestrated by Idea International.

First was the celebration of the PUMA headquarters in Tokyo. PUMA House Tokyo, designed by world-renowned Japanese firm Nendo, combines the brand’s press room and event space into one multipurpose space that can be used for exhibitions, events, fittings, product launches, and other media events.

PUMA’s legacy includes predominance at the Olympic Games with their products worn by many of the world’s top athletes over the company’s long history. The press event was designed to allow PUMA to re-energize their performance positioning by introducing a cross-category platform: The Nature of Performance. The Nature of Performance formed the basis for a marketing campaign that appealed to athletes in several new categories such as football, running, training, and fitness. PUMA introduced the proprietary PUMA CELL system to make it easy for athletes to find the right product for their sports and their individual needs—from the dryCELL for moisture management to the visiCELL for increased visibility and the powerCELL for compression.

Finally, the press event launched new product introductions in the PUMA line, making the press event important for many members across a variety of media.


To coordinate the details for this event, PUMA’s global brand agency asked Idea International to take on the project which included providing space for interviews with the designers and engineers who developed the new technology. Working within PUMA House Tokyo, Idea International designated areas for the different audiences at the event which included the fashion press, the sports press, designers, architects, and other constituencies. This involved setting up media rooms, product display rooms, wayfinding, and graphics development—both static and digital. The event was an overwhelming success as Idea International helped move PUMA, which started in 1948, into the performance technology that defines 21st century athletes.

PUMA Press Event in Asia - PUMA House, Tokyo Japan - #6

Event Host Spotlight


Headquarted in Herzogenaurach, Germany, and as one of the world’s leading sports brands, it’s only natural that PUMA wants to stand on the same playing field as the fastest athletes on the planet. To achieve that, the PUMA brand is based on the very values that make an excellent athlete.

Event Venue

PUMA House Tokyo – Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is home to the PUMA House. This multifunctional location in the Aoyama design district embodies Forever Faster through its interior design and showcases our products. Store, event space, and more under one roof created by Japanese design firm Nendo. The city’s landmark, Tokyo Tower, is within view of PUMA House. Osaki Station is just two minutes away, and the Haneda Airport can be reached in 30 minutes by train and 20 minutes by taxi.

Event Highlights

Launched in 1948, PUMA is updating its timeless trainers with PUMA Cell technology, an advanced cushioning system now featured in a wider variety of performance shoes. PUMA’s investment into product development guarantees the shoes wouldn’t puncture, go flat or loose air. And that’s only part of the reason that PUMA asked Idea International to orchestrate a press event.

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